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"January 30th
Version 4.5 - Available NOW!!!"

"... FTP Control is a better product than WS_FTP for automating tasks. Its full-featured scripting language has more sophisticated control structures and library routines than WS_FTP offers. "

FTP CONTROL 4.5 is now available. This release features major updates to the scripting language including HTML forms, load from file, enhanced string searches and more. 15 new scripting examples in total!

FTP Control is a family of three Windows 98/95/NT4 programs that makes it easy to move files across the Internet, Intranet, or network. 5 Reel Drive and Break da Bank Again amongst the others. You have a chance to play from a pile of other countries too, not only from Canada. FTP Control Lite supports the basic functions required to upload files to the Internet, including server profiles, FTP browsing and file transfers. FTP Control Pro adds the ability to resume broken links or aborted transfers, bookmarks, MRU and proxy support, remote commands and attribute settings, plus a queuing system that allows you to specify a collection of files to be transfered in unattended mode. FTP Control Power allows direct file transfers between two remote servers, multiple simultaneous open FTP connections and sessions, and support for .ZIP file compression, as well as scrambling and encryption of files. It also lets you create scripts to perform complex file transfers, schedule them for attended or unattended operations, and even turn the scripts into executable files that can be distributed to others, and run on machines that don't have FTP Control Power. The program includes a Scripting Wizard and 60 sample scripts.

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Welcome to FTP Control. The finest File Transfer Protocol program you can get!
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