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"The Power User's Tool of Choice"

"... with a $29 price tag, FTP Control is less expensive than similar clients like FTPVoyager, CuteFTP, and WS-FTP Pro"

See the full report from Stroud's here!

Distribution:  You may freely distribute the unlicensed shareware version of FTP Control among friends, upload it to FTP sites and include it on shareware CD's.

Please note that the FTP Control site always has the latest versions so please try our site first. TUCOWS, ZDNet, and other sites sometimes take a day or so to update their copies. 

Download FTP Control 3.81 or
FTP Control 4.5 from the FTP Control site:

Perform Language Reference in Printable Format

This DOC file is available with a table of contents and index for easy command lookup. After printing, the manual is 83 pages. There are also 3 new FTP Control scripts included (Check IP address, a file decryption script, and a sample script for use with a commandline PGP program).

Perform Reference The FTP Control site (USA) Updated November 16th, 2000.

Download the Latest Help File

We make every effort to provide accurate and up to date information in the FTP Control help file. From time to time we add to the help file, make changes so that a topic is more easily understood, and fix any typographical errors that we may find. You're welcome to check here for an up to date help file and if you like order viagra online cheap, you can download it and simply overwrite your current FTP Control help file (named ftpcontrol.hlp) with the version here.

The current help file is for FTP Control version You can tell which version you are using by clicking on Help | About.

Download the latest Help File Updated October 16th, 2000.

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