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New Features In This Version

The new 4.0 version of FTP Control features a variety of changes from the earlier 3.0 releases.

1. Design - FTP Control now features an entirely new layout and structuring to the program. The display panes are now customizable setting up the display to your liking.

2. Send to - FTP Control can now optionally be integrated with the pop-up "Send to" selections of Windows Explorer.

3. Passive mode - Passive Mode is fully supported through both scripting and by the main GUI interface of the program.

4. Scripting - A variety of new scripting commands have been added to the program. The working folder for script selection is now also selectable.

5. Scheduler - The configuration has been changed so the set up is now viewable as one page of options

6. Profiles - Profiles now feature new information fields, and so it will be necessary to use the included migration utility to convert existing profiles to the new format.

7. Server types - A variety of new server types have been added, as well as some fine tuning with the existing ones.

8. Proxy - Proxy settings are now global and no longer needed to be specified within each profile.

9. Filtering - Remote files may now also be filtered by size and date.

10. Remote Server Actions - There are a series of new non-standard FTP commands that at this time are supported on TransSoft?s Broker and on the Argosoft FTP server.

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Although FTP Control offers you to its full feature set without charge for 30 days as an introduction to its capabilities, you will eventually have to purchase the program if you prefer to continue using it.

You are able to select from three types of registration. Each type is meant for a special group of users, ranging from total beginners to real power users.

FTP Control Lite

FTP Control Lite offers all the basic FTP functionality including Server Profiles, FTP Browsing, transferring, etc.

FTP Control Pro

FTP Control Pro offers all features of the Lite version as well as the following:
- Favorites/Bookmark handling
- Most Recently Used (MRU) support
- Proxy support
- Resume of broken transfers
- Remote commands and attribute settings
- The "Hat"
- URL handling
- and more...

FTP Control Power

Supports all of the features of the Lite and Pro versions as well as the following:
- Complete ZIP file handling
- Scripting facilities
- Multiple, simultaneous open FTP connections/Sessions
- Distributable EXE file generation from scripts
- Transfer between remote servers ("Cross-Servers transfer")
- Fast Encrypt/Scramble and Decrypt/Descramble files using powerful encryption techniques.

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Welcome to FTP Control. The finest File Transfer Protocol program you can get!
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