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General Information about FTP Control

FTP Control gives you the ability to Profile specific server hosts for point and click connection.

Server Profile Groups
The group side of the profiles window shows your Groups as folders. These groups exist to aid in
the organization and navigation of the existing schedules. By using the toolbar one has a choice of three options.

    ·New - Create new group
    ·Edit - Allows the renaming of a selected group
    ·Delete - Deletes the selected group

The Profile Side
The profile side of the host profiles window lists all profiles contained within the currently selected group.

By using the toolbar for this portion of the window one has four options

    ·New - Create a new profile
    ·Edit - Change the properties of the selected profile
    ·Delete - Deletes the selected profile
    ·Connect - Initiates a connection to the remote server using the selected profile

Welcome to FTP Control. The finest File Transfer Protocol program you can get!
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