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General Information about FTP Control


FTP Control's Options allows one to quickly and easily configure the program from the way files are transmitted and named, to redailing and resuming a session when abrubtly disconnected. The graphic below will demonstrate what Options are available to FTP Control's user.


    FTP Settings - This entry features a variety of fields with check/uncheck selectable actions

    Connectivity - Allows you to specify whether you have a permanent FTP Connection or will use Dial-Up Networking to connect to your ISP.

    Proxy - FTP Control 4.0 now allows the user to specify global Proxy settings instead of needing to do it with each profile that is created.

    Various - These are additional settings for creating the log, and which file viewer to use. For multiple users, one may also specify a prompt to be used for login information at program start-up

    Environment - Displays the options for the remote server as well as selections for the program startup may be specified here.

    Conversions - In this last field you may specify a variety of information

      1. File types that should be always transferred as ASCII.

      2. Force changes in the case status (upper-case/lower-case) of filenames.

      3. Automate the conversion of file names from one extension to another.

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