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New Product Product Update: FTP Control version 4.4

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Thomas Bradford.
BMT Micro, Inc.
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WILMINGTON, NC, October 18th -- BMT Micro, Inc. in partnership with TransSoft Ltd. is proud to announce a major update, version 4.4, to TransSoft's popular FTP Control FTP client. This latest version is a major update to the program's server types, scripting language, and several coding updates.

FTP Control is an FTP client for Windows 95/98, 2000, and NT 4.0. The application is used to transfer files over the Internet or any network supporting the FTP protocol. FTP Control is freely available by download and may be installed and evaluated for a 30 day period at no charge. At any time during the evaluation period the user may electronically purchase a license for a "Lite", "Professional" or "Power User" version of the application. The differences between these versions are explained in the extensive online documentation.

Version 4.4 of FTP Control is the first release to support for IBM MVS servers. Additionally there is now full support for VMS and HP3000 servers. For the Power users there are new scripting commands present in the version 4.4 release. Through the new 'Dialog' commands, Windows Explorer based file and folder selection is now possible in executed scripts. Additional scripting functionality added in this latest update allows for the execution of subroutines, obtainingof an IP address, and the playing of WAV files. For more information please see the FTP Control web site at http://www.ftpcontrol.com.

FTP Control is the winner of many coveted awards and was a nominee for the 2000 Shareware Industry Awards "Best Internet Enhancement or Utility". In recent reviews FTP Control has been selected as a TUCOW's 'Head of the Herd' and a C|NET 'Pick'. Other top ratings come from ZDNet, 5 Star Shareware, and WinFiles. Please visit the FTP Control web site for up to the minute press coverage and review information.


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