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5 out of 5 Stars!

A powerful FTP client with a Windows Explorer-like interface and lots of features including a scheduling wizard that let's you easily schedule your uploads and downloads, optional download in the background, so you can continue to surf other FTP sites. FTP Control can also resume aborted file transfers, providing the server you're downloading from supports it.

Prices and Release Differences

  • FTP Control Lite offers all the basic FTP functionality including Server Profiles, FTP Browsing, and file transfers. In short, the Lite version is a "basic" FTP client without the bells and whistles of the Professional and Power versions.
  • FTP Control Pro offers, favorites/Bookmark handling, MRU support, proxy support, the ability to resume broken or aborted transfers, remote commands and attribute settings, The "Hat", URL handling, as well as the features included in the Lite version.
  • The Power version adds complete ZIP file handling, scripting facilities, scheduled transfers, multiple, simultanious open FTP connections/Sessions, the ability to compile scripts into executable (.exe) files which may be provided to others who may run the script without even having FTP Control installed, transfer between remote servers ("Cross-Servers transfer"). and fast encrypt/scramble and decrypt/descramble encryption techniques. Also included of course are all the features of the Professional version.

Multiple Copy and Site Licenses

Multiple Copy, Site Licenses, OEM versions, and custom modifications to FTP Control areavailable. Please contact us at sales@ftpcontrol.com for more information.

    BMT Micro
    P.O. Box 15016
    Wilmington, NC 28408

Welcome to FTP Control. The finest File Transfer Protocol program you can get!
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